Our Belief

We believe that games are artistic entertainment and should be crafted with the appropriate love, care, and dedication that other forms of art are created with. Mobile devices are a mature platform and they deserve robust games.

Our Story

Dynamic Sandbox was founded in mid-2012 out of a desire to create compelling games for mobile devices. We're two brothers who grew up playing video games through the 80s and 90s. We draw inspiration from a diverse set of game genres - everything from action and adventure games to simulation, puzzle, and RPGs. To us, mobile gaming meant playing something on Nintendo's Gameboy or Sega’s Game Gear. Nowadays, everyone is carrying around devices that are far more powerful than the portable consoles of years past. We strive to make complete games that deliver the entire package - likeable characters, a story, music, and depth in gameplay. We created Dynamic Sandbox to build games that we believe in, we hope you enjoy them!